The Gambia Red Cross conducts activities to disseminate knowledge about the Red Cross values, raise awareness on the seven Fundamental Principles which guides our operations, promotion of the International Humanitarian Laws, engage stakeholders and government agencies through Humanitarian Diplomacy, and disseminate the Ideal of the Red Cross/ Red Crescent movement so that they may be understood , accepted and respected.

The Gambia Red Cross is constantly engaging the media to ensure that the use and protection of the Red Cross emblem is authorized to be use by only Red Cross personnel and Medical unit of the Armed Forces with specific restrictions. It is important the people we serve know that the mission and vision of The Gambia Red Cross Society is to alleviate the suffering of Human Beings in a dignified manner.


56 Mamadi Maniyang Highway, Kanifing, P.O. Box 472, Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa

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03 March 2022
03 March 2022
03 March 2022


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