The basis for the GRCS Gender and Diversity work is its humanitarian mandate to prevent and alleviate human suffering without discrimination and to protect human dignity.

Gender equality is critical for the ongoing progressive development of humanity.  It is a fundamental human right that aligns with the Red Cross Principles. The goal of attaining gender equality is not only applicable to organizations, communities and societies but is also essential for all Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the IFRC. Gender inequality remains a global challenge, it negatively impacts human development and economic growth and it also contributes to discrimination and exclusion from access to resources, public services, education, healthcare services and employment, and gender-based violence. Gender inequality takes many forms and is rooted in unequal power relations.


GRCS being a member of a consortium of Gender and Child Right Advocacy Groups, the National Society have been involved in many areas in terms of gender most especially advocacy issues:

Gender mainstreaming through its programmes (participation of both sexes to encourage gender balance and equal opportunities among our volunteers and staff)

Provision of support both in terms of disaster and in situations where the beneficiaries are in need of special needs or access to health care and facilities, the National society always try to provide the needed support to the most vulnerable which in some cases are women and children;

Protection of minors from individuals whom might be of harm to them and link them to the Department of Social Welfare for the provision of shelter and protection, this have been possible with support of the National Society membership to the consortium.

Provision of home-based care services to the community, through the support of our volunteers who have been trained on home-based care. They also provided support to those who are chronically ill and in the homes with little / no care-giver in their families

GRCS have been participating in Gender Policy development, advocacy, evaluations, mapping of problems affecting the girl child and mitigating strategies amongst others. Trainings for the volunteers, community members, partner CSO’s on  advocacy, Gender Based Violence, Gender & Migrations and challenges found in the process of migrating, Human Right amongst others.

The Gender Department also advises the Programme and Project Coordinators to consider Gender Mainstreaming, equal opportunities and participation of all groups of peoples without considering their sex, religion, disability, culture, ethnic groups etc.; and Training pregnant and lactating mothers on locally made nutritious food by using locally available products and how to cook them.



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