The Gambia Red Cross is the main First Aid provider in The Gambia. Public awareness and knowledge on deaths and injuries on the roads, at workplaces and our homes in The Gambia is quite phenomenal. Many of these injuries lead to deformation or disability for life. Due to limited First Aider in every community and work places, many do not survive their injuries or awaits permanent paralysis where some of the incident could have been prevented if a first aider was around.

The Gambia Red Cross Society goal is to ensure that, The Gambia has a professionally trained work force and citizenry on First Aid, who will be able to respond to emergencies at workplaces, Homes and respective Communities through an empowered National Society (GRCS). As such the First Aid Unit is embarked on trainings countrywide even though challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The trained first Aiders will be able to respond effectively and efficiently with the required knowledge to provide assistance in any accident and emergency situations. This will save lives, prevent disability and reduce agony and pain.

The First Aid unit in the year 2021 conducted Seven (7) commercial First Aid trainings for different institutions and (23) internal training conducted by the Red Cross branches. The total number of people trained are 821 people from January to November 2021.


56 Mamadi Maniyang Highway, Kanifing, P.O. Box 472, Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa

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