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Lack of water for domestic use affects many communities in The Gambia which has impacted negatively on their standard of living and health of women and children who have to use human energy to fetch water on daily basis.


During the rainy season, flooding affected lots of community in The Gambia. Having access to clean water to practice personal hygiene became a huge problem. This coupled with the effects of Covid -19 left many families vulnerable. With some communities having to trek long distance to enter neighbouring communities in Senegal to fetch water prompted The Gambia Red Cross Society and partners to provide clean and safe drinking water to six communities in Central and Upper River Region.

The works that have been executed in each location includes:


1.     Installation of a solar pumping system (submerged pump, control unit, photovoltaic generator, protections, etc.) to exploit the water resource from an existing borehole.


2.     Construction of a pressure line (pipes, valves, meters, adapters, etc.) between the borehole and the elevated water tank.


3.     Construction of concrete and mental elevated tower to support plastic water tanks with a total capacity in accordance with the needs of each population and a height adapted to the topography and configuration of the terrain of each village.


4.     Construction of a small gravity-fed distribution network (pipes, valves, meters, adapters, etc.) with the installation of three (3) to five (5) standpipes.


5.     Development of studies, tests, and analyses to ensure the quality and control of the installation of the works.

Other WASH Interventions includes the implementation of Hygiene and sanitation activities and Psychosocial Support activities in affected communities in The Gambia and the Donation of hospital materials and equipment which are distributed to needy health facilities in various regions of The Gambia.

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The Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) Health Department contributes to the national health development programme by improving the health status of the most vulnerable through designing and implementing health programmes that has a foresight on health promotion and disease prevention activities. It as well takes a clear and functional role in public health emergency management to support victims of disasters to recover from it.

The health department of The Gambia Red Cross Society runs the following essential programmes that enables the National Society (NS) to respond to the call of the Government to improve the health situation of The Gambian population;

1.     Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

2.     Water Hygiene and Sanitation

3.     Epidemic Control

4.     Emergency and Ambulance Service

5.     Reproductive Health

6.     Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

7.     Nutrition

8.     Death Body Management

These programme of activities that GRCS intervenes in has increased interest for institutions and organizations within and outside The Gambia to collaborate with the NS to implement health activities.  Over the years, maximum success has been achieved in our health service delivery country wide.

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G-Plus Emergency Response Services (G+) is a commercial private company incorporated in Gambia to offer professional advanced pre-hospital medical care, ambulance services as well as outpatient medical services (in order to sustain the services and maintain professional level of service). G-plus business model will fulfil the GRCS mission of alleviating human suffering and improving lives of the vulnerable in the community by ensuring the service is self-sustainable.

G-plus was incorporated on 5th August 2019 and is fully owned by the Gambia Red Cross Society and Emergency Plus Medical Services (E-plus) in Kenya. G-plus is the premier state of the art emergency medical services provider in the country with a fleet of 9 ambulances – 6 basic life support units (BLS) and 3 Advanced life support units (ALS)

G-plus is headquartered at The Gambia Red Cross Society Complex in Westfield. The facility is equipped with a 24 – hour dispatch center (with toll free number 1199) manned by medics who collect relevant information and coordinate the evacuation of patients, monitor the ambulances during transfers and offer pre-arrival instructions to callers in distress, among other duties.

8 (eight) of the ambulances are stationed at the headquarters, while 1 (one) BLS is stationed in URR – Basse.

G-plus Outpatient Clinic

Gplus outpatient Clinic is located at Westfield as well. It is a level 2 clinic equipped to handle emergency cases before referral for admission and further management. With Laboratory and Pharmacy Services, G-plus Outpatient Clinic compliments the Emergency Services and is available to attend to medical and trauma emergencies.


Core Services and Products


        Annual Membership subscription services

        Family Membership

        Individual Membership

        Institution Membership (schools & universities)

        Corporate Membership

        Event coverage; standby services for events

        VIP ambulance escort and exclusive services

        Inter-hospital transfers and cross border referrals

        Outpatient services and emergency treatment.

G-plus Emergency Response Services has contributed highly to patient outcomes through provision of professional emergency medical services.



56 Mamadi Maniyang Highway, Kanifing, P.O. Box 472, Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa

  • Email:
  • Phone: +220 4373568
  • Fax: +220 43792405

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