Kanifing Municipal (KM) Red Cross Branch

Kanifing Municipal (KM) Red Cross Branch is one of the Branches of The Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) located at Bundung, SerreKunda Central established in 1996.

The Branch has a volunteer base of about Ten thousand (2000) and more than 62 Links in both Schools and Communities within the Municipality.  Since its establishment, the branch extends its tentacles in the areas of Disaster Management, First Aid, Dissemination of the Ideals and Principles of the Red Cross Knowledge thus replicating the functions of the National Society at branch level.

First aid is generally the predominant service render by the Branch at different levels when needed. The service is rendered by volunteers who are well trained by the tutors of the Branch and National Society. The trained First Aid personnel are readily available to take charge of any emergency situations either in public gatherings, during disasters, and sporting events. The First Aid volunteers within KM are guided and motivated by the message ‘’learn First Aid, don’t be a bystander’’.


KM Red Cross Branch has also taken the lead in the areas of Health Promotion by conducting sensitization, advocacy and Immunization campaigns (polio, malaria, TB, HIV/AIDs etc.), Blood donation to the sick patients in hospitals, cleansing exercises in markets and other public places; which is done on monthly basis. This is done through the strong partnership built with the Regional Health Team of Region One, Kanifing.


The KM Red Cross branch has and continues to produce vibrant, youthful and innovative volunteers guided by strong leadership, most of who are now working at the Headquarters.


56 Mamadi Maniyang Highway, Kanifing, P.O. Box 472, Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa

  • Email: info@gamredcross.com
  • Phone: +220 4373568
  • Fax: +220 43792405

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